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July 20, 2013
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Take my hand, I'll teach you to dance.
I'll spin you around, won't let you fall down.
Would you let me lead? You can step on my feet.
Give it a try, it'll be alright

    "But, I don't even know how to dance" you mumble, looking down with an embarrassed expression. "And that is why I signed you up for lessons. Did you learn nothing from them, ___?" your father sternly spoke, narrowing his eyes just a bit.

"A proper young lady needs to know how to dance elegantly"

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. A proper young lady needs to know everything. You got that established already. But maybe you weren't a proper lady. Who cares? You didn't ask for such a duty. You often dreamed of leaving this place and having a simple life. But, sadly, you were the only child and had the duties of becoming the next heir.

"Tomorrow's the ball. You will have to find a husband by the end of the night. You'd best practice dancing now than" your father spoke, scowling. Your mother on the other hand, sighed, eating her dinner quietly. Clenching your fists and gritting your teeth angrily, you tried to hide the fact that you didn't want to do any of this. "If you'll excuse me" you muttered, curtsying just like how your mother taught you.

    You entered your room and fell onto your bed. "I'd gladly give up my life to anyone. Royalty isn't always the best option" you spoke to yourself. Something caught your gaze from the corner of your eyes. It was a photo that was faced down so you could not see it. Sitting up, you took it and examined the photo. It was of you and a familiar blonde man. Both of you were grinning childishly and holding up two fingers. Smiling to yourself, you brushed your fingers gently across it. "Arthur..." you murmured, tears falling onto the photo.

    When this photo was taken, it was the brightest of days. You had sneaked out of the castle for some fresh air. Slipping into town, you received many compliments from the townsfolk. You thanked them and walked along when you were bumped into by an emerald-eyed man.

"Oh, excuse me mi-" he spoke but cut himself off when he saw who you were. Helping you up, he bowed deeply.

    "Apologies, princess ___" he spoke again, in a formal manner this time. You shook your head and smiled. "No, it's fine. You don't have to be so formal around me, I'm just out here for a walk". His eyes widened a bit but he straightened back up. "Than at least let me treat you to some of my fresh scones" he said, smiling happily. You chuckled and nodded, following him inside the stand. He held out a basket of scones and offered one to you. When you took a bite, your stomach churned and you were about to vomit, but you forced it down with a couple of gulps. "Delicious. I'll have to save the rest for later" you lied, grinning. With this compliment, his eyes lit up and he grinned as well. "Thank you".

    For the rest of the day, you spent your time with Arthur. You two talked about anything and everything. It was as if you weren't a princess anymore, just a normal person. But when you asked for his name, his eyes widened in surprise. "Why would royalty want to know a peasant's name?" he replied, which made you disappointed, but he answered anyways. After that day, you two became close friends and promised to visit each other every now and then. It all ended when a couple of the royal guards found you two and took you away. They kicked Arthur to the ground and told him to stay away from you with his filthy hands. You struggled to free yourself from their grip, but they only held you tighter, getting you in trouble with your father.

The room's hush hush and now's our moment.
Take it in, feel it all and hold it
Eyes on you, eyes on me.
We're doing this right.

    You clutched onto the photo, falling to sleep.

Time Skip, brought to you by the royal mint bunny

'Cause lovers dance when they're feeling in love
Spotlight's shining. It's all about us
It's oh, oh, all
About uh, uh, us
And every heart in the room will melt
This is a feeling I've never felt
But it's all about us

    "Welcome to the royal ball. Tonight is the night where my daughter will choose anyone she wishes to become her beloved husband" your father called out to the crowd of well-dressed people. They cheered and had a great time, drinking wine and chatting with other rich people.

    You stared at yourself in the mirror with dull eyes, looking up and down at yourself. "You look beautiful, my lady" a maid spoke, smiling. You smiled back and thanked her. Setting down the photo of you and Arthur on your dresser, you stood and headed out. Your (color) dress glistened in the light. Walking downstairs slowly, you looked down at all the guests. Most of them wanted to be the lucky guy who would marry you and receive the riches your family had to offer. You sighed deeply before plastering a fake smile across your face and greeting the guests individually.

Suddenly I'm feeling brave
Don't know what's got into me
Why I feel this way
Can we dance real slow?
Can I hold you real close?

Arthur's POV

    My eyes searched the crowded foyer for her. Where was she? I had been dragged to this ball by my friend. He was slightly wealthy and took me here, dressing me up in this suit. I didn't let him mess with my hair though. He knew I had a crush on her. It wasn't because she was a princess though. It was because she accepted me. I loved her laugh, her smile, everything about her. Maybe I didn't stand a chance, but I just wanted to see her happy.

    My breath caught in my throat when I spotted her. My heart fluttered. ___, you are beautiful. What was that though? I saw past her smile and could see in her eyes she didn't want to be here. Taking a step forward, my friend tapped my shoulder. "England, look at all these pretty girls, ohonhonhon!" he chimed, making me frown. "You frog. Why are you such a player?" I said, sighing. It was disgusting. Why would a gentleman go for multiple women and dump them in the end? Shaking the thought away, I quickly walked towards her. It was as if I was in a trance.

Your POV

    You looked around for a bit more until your eyes caught emerald eyes. Your heart fluttered and you walked towards him. There was only one person you knew with that eye color, and it was Arthur. He was walking toward you too, and that made you just a bit more excited. "Arthur" you whispered, looking up at him. He smiled and bowed a bit. "My princess" he spoke, in a joking manner. You laughed and hugged him tightly, making him blush. The people who were dancing stopped and looked at you two quietly. Their stares boring into you, but you couldn't care less. You didn't care about them, or how Arthur had gotten here, all you cared about was him.

The room's hush hush and now's our moment
Take it in, feel it all and hold it
Eyes on you, eyes on me
We're doing this right

    He took your hand in his and pulled it up to kiss it. "May I have this dance?" he whispered, smiling gently. It was your turn to blush now, but you nodded. The two of you danced slowly, but you looked down. "I don't really know how to, though" you mumbled, making him chuckle. "You're doing fine, love. Follow my lead" he spoke, guiding you. After a while, the other people had gotten back to their own dancing, glancing back at you two every now and then.

Do you hear that love? They're playing our song
Do you think we're ready? Oh, I'm really feeling it
Do you hear that love? Do you hear that love?

    "I know it's not my place, but have your found who you will marry?" Arthur spoke, looking straight into your eyes. You looked around a bit and grinned. "Yes, but I don't know if he wants to marry me. I also think my father won't approve" you said, snickering playfully. Arthur raised an eyebrow. "Who wouldn't want to marry you? You're beautiful, and kind for goodness sake. If they don't want to marry you than they'll miss out on everything" he said, slightly angry. You chuckled and locked gazes with him again.

"Than, will you?"

    Arthur's eyes widened, he stopped dancing and stared at you. "___, I love you so much, but what can I do for you? I'm only a peasant. You deserve someone-" you cut him off and kissed him. His eyes widened even more, but he smiled and kissed back, closing his eyes. Some of the guests gasped in disbelief, but you two ignored them. Pulling away for air, you wrapped your arms around his neck. "Arthur, I love you. You'll be doing more than enough if you'll stay by my side. I don't care where you came from, or your past. I love you and all I want is you" you choked out. He smiled warmly and nodded, kissing your forehead. "I want to marry you too" he mumbled, pulling you in for a hug.

Do you hear that love? They're playing our song
Do you think we're ready yet? Oh, I'm really feeling it
Do you hear that love? Do you hear that love?

Lovers dance when they're feeling in love
Spotlight's shining. It's all about us
It's oh, oh, all
Every heart in the room will melt
This is a feeling I've never felt
But it's all about us

    "What is this?" your father snapped, walking up to you and Arthur. Pulling away from each other, you looked at him. "___, this is the man who touched you with his filthy hands. Why are you embracing?" he continued. You shook your head, crossing your arms. "Arthur is not filthy! He's everything to me, father. I wish to marry him, and if you don't agree, than we'll just have to run away" you argued, tearing up just a bit. Your father was taken aback. Never had you snapped back at him. The room grew silent when everyone watched the scene unfold. Both you and your father began arguing until Arthur stepped in.

    "Your majesty. I'll protect your daughter. I'll love her for an eternity. You don't have to worry. When she's around me, I can see that we're both truly happy. Please, I promise not to turn against you." he spoke, bowing. Your father scowled, staring at both of you. It was true, never had he witnessed you so happy with someone. It was as if Arthur possessed magic of some sort. Taking a deep breath, your father furrowed his eyebrows and gave a single nod. "Very well, the wedding will be next week" he muttered, turning his back.

    Both you and Arthur stared at each other and smiled. You ran up and hugged your father from behind. "Thank you father" you mumbled, smiling. For the first time in a while, the king cracked a smile as well, nodding.

Time Skip brought to you by America's burgers

    Your finger brushed against the framed photo of you and Arthur. A smile spread across your face when a strong hand held your shoulder. "Ready?" your father whispered.

"Ready as can be"

    Your eyes stared straight ahead, staring at Arthur. He looked back at you and smiled. Rows and rows of family and rich people had their eyes on you, but of course, you ignored them. You slowly walked down the aisle, eyes still on Arthur. When you reached him, he chuckled. "Hello, love" he whispered in your ear, making you grin just a bit. After a while of the preacher's words, you both exchanged your vows.

"You may now kiss the bride" the preacher spoke, smiling. You both moved in and softly kissed each other. The crowd of people cheered. No matter their status, they cheered anyways. Some cried. You kissed Arthur once more and hugged him.

"By the way, Arthur"
"Yes, love?"
"Your scones suck" you said, laughing. Arthur pouted childishly.

"That's not very lady-like" he mocked, but you shrugged your shoulders.
"Who cares?"

'Cause lovers dance when they're feeling in love
Spotlight's shining. It's all about us
It's oh, oh, all
Hey, hey, hey
(And every heart in the room will melt)
This is a feeling I've never felt
But it's all about us
Sorry this was so long -.-" Okay so this was a request, but it made me have the fuzzies inside >w< Oh Arthur, you're so dreamy :iconsexy-england: I didn't know which song to choose: Love Story by Taylor Swift or this song, It's All About Us by He Is We. I think it turned out decent anyways!
I don't own the picture, Hetalia in general, or you. You are taken by this guy right here: :iconenglandplz: to the beautiful song ;-;
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